P42A202 Remote Control Replacement for Hitachi TV P42A202

  • Details:
    Replacement Model:P42A202.
    Brand: Generic.
    Condition: Brand new.
    No programming or setup required, easy and simple to operate.
    Perfect replacement for lost or broken remote control.
    30 days money back guarantee & 12 months warranty from manufacturing defects. Accept return and exchange in warranty period.
    This Remote Control fit for Below Knowing Models:
    P42A202 P50A402 P50A202 P42T501 P50H401 P42H401 P50H401A P55H4011 CLU-4984S CLU-4371UG2
    P42H4011 P42H4011A P50H4011 CLU-4371A P50T501 P42T501A P50T501A P55T551 L32N05A P50H4011A
    50VG825 32HDL52 50VS69 LE55S606 50VS69A 50VX915 LE55T516 55HDM71 55HDS52 55HDS69 55HDT51
    55HDT52 55HDT79 55HDX61 LE46S704 32HLX61 55HDX62 LE46S606 55HDX99 55PD6000TA 55VF820 55VG825
    55VS69 55VS69A LE48W806 60V710 P50S601 37HDL52 P50V702 32LD7800TA 60V715 60VF820 60VG825 60VX915
    62VS69 LE55A6R9 UT32X812 LE47X04A UT32V502 LE49A509 P50X901 42PD6600L 42HDX61 37LD8D10 42HDF52
    42PD3200A 37HLX99 42PD6600A 50V720 50HDA39 LE55G508 44HDF52 UT37V702 LD42VZD09A 42HDX99 LE42T506
    70VX915 CMP4201U LU50V809 UT37X902 CMP4202U LE50H508 CMP4203U CMP420V1 CMP420V2 CMP4211 CMP4212
    CMP5000WXU L32A104 UT42V702 42PD8600 37LD8700U 42HDF39 42PD6600 42PD960DTA 42PD6700 37LD8600
    42HDT51 42PD7800 42HDM12 42PD8700U 42V715 42LD7800TA 37LD6600A LE55U516 LED32V407 L32A403
    L32A404 L32C205 L32N03A L32S504 098003063100 L40C205 L42A403 L42N03A L42N05A L42S503 L42S504 L42S601
    L42V651 L46S603 L46S604 L47S601 L47V651 L47X03A L55S603 L55S604 LE19S304 CLU-3861WL 26LD6600 32HDL51
    32LD6600B LE19S314 LE22S314 LE29H307 LE29H316 LE32A04A LE39H316 LE40A509 LE40H405 LE42S605 LE42S606
    LE42S704 LE42T516 LE42X04A LE43A509 LE43A6R9 LE46EC04A LE46H508 LE46S605 LE46T506 LE46T516 LE50A6R9
    LE55V707 LE55X04A LU43V809 LU55V809 P50S602 P50V701 CLE-966A 32LD8700 32PD7800 P50X902 P55H401
    P55T501 P60X901 UT32V502W UT32X802 076K0UV011 CLU-5729TSI UT42X902 UT47V702 UT47X902 37LD8700
    37LD8700C 42EDT41 42HDM70 42HDS69 42HDT52 42HDT79 42HDX62 42LD8800 42PD6000TA 42PD6700U
    42PD6A10 42PD8700 42PD8700C 42PD8A10 42V710 CLE-960 HL02121 CLU-49121S 50V710 50V715 50VF820 .
    Note: If your model number is not listed above or your original remote is different from this remote, please email us to confirm suitability.