AKB73715680 Remote Replacement for LG TV 50PB560B 55LB5610 60LB5610 50LB5610

  • Details:
    Replacement Model:AKB73715680 
    Brand: Generic
    Condition: Brand new
    No programming or setup required, easy and simple to operate.
    Perfect replacement for lost or broken remote control.
    30 days money back guarantee & 12 months warranty from manufacturing defects. Accept return and exchange in warranty period.
    This Remote Control fit for Below Knowing Models: (Not only these models)
    Lb55 series Lb56 series 32lb5600-ta 32lb560t-ta 32lb560b-ta 32lb560z-ta
    32lb560d-ta 32lb5610-tc 32lb561t-tc 32lb561b-tc 32lb561d-tc 32lb560y-ta 32lb5630-td 32lb563t-td 32lb563b-td 32lb563d-td
    32lb561y-tc 32lb561z-tc 32lb563y-td 32lb563z-td 32lb569y-td 32lb569z-td 32lb5650-to 39lb5600-ta 39lb560t-ta 39lb560b-ta
    39lb560d-ta 39lb560y-ta 39lb560z-ta 39lb5610-tc 39lb561t-tc 39lb561b-tc 39lb561d-tc 39lb5630-td 39lb563t-td 39lb563b-td
    39lb563d-td 39lb561y-tc 39lb561z-tc 39lb563y-td 39lb563z-td 39lb569y-td 39lb569z-td 42lb5600-ta 42lb560t-ta 42lb560b-ta
    42lb560d-ta 42lb560y-ta 42lb560z-ta 42lb5610-tc 42lb561t-tc 42lb561b-tc 42lb561d-tc 42lb5630-td 42lb563t-td 42lb563b-td
    42lb563d-td 42lb561y-tc 42lb561z-tc 42lb563y-td 42lb569z-td 42lb563z-td 42lb569y-td 42lb5680-ti 47lb5600-ta 47lb560t-ta
    47lb560b-ta 47lb560d-ta 47lb560y-ta 47lb560z-ta 47lb5610-tc 47lb561t-tc 47lb561b-tc 47lb561d-tc 47lb5630-td 47lb563t-td
    47lb563b-td 47lb563d-td 47lb561y-tc 47lb561z-tc 47lb563y-td 47lb563z-td 47lb569y-td 47lb569z-td 47lb5680-ti 50lb5600-ta
    50lb560t-ta 50lb560b-ta 50lb560d-ta 50lb560y-ta 50lb560z-ta 50lb5610-tc 50lb561t-tc 50lb561b-tc 50lb561d-tc 50lb5630-td
    50lb563t-td 50lb563b-td 50lb563d-td 50lb561y-tc 50lb561z-tc 50lb563y-td 50lb563z-td 50lb569y-td 50lb569z-td 55lb5600-ta
    55lb560t-ta 55lb560b-ta 55lb560d-ta 55lb560y-ta 55lb560z-ta 55lb5610-tc 55lb561t-tc 55lb561b-tc 55lb561d-tc 55lb5630-td
    55lb563t-td 55lb563b-td 55lb563d-td 55lb561y-tc 55lb561z-tc 55lb563y-td 55lb563z-td 55lb569y-td 55lb569z-td 60lb5600-ta
    60lb560t-ta 60lb560b-ta 60lb560d-ta 60lb560y-ta 60lb560z-ta 60lb5610-tc 60lb561t-tc 60lb561b-tc 60lb561d-tc 60lb5630-td
    60lb563t-td 60lb563b-td 60lb563d-td 60lb561y-tc 60lb561z-tc 60lb563y-td 60lb563z-td 60lb569y-td 60lb569z-td 32lb5500-ta
    32lb550z-ta 32lb550d-ta 32lb550b-ta 32lb550t-ta 32lb550y-ta 32lb5510-tc 32lb551t-tc 32lb551b-tc 32lb551d-tc 32lb551y-tc
    32lb551z-tc 32lb559y-tc 32lb559z-tc 32lb552r-tb 32lb552r-tc 42lb5500-ta 42lb550z-ta 42lb550d-ta 42lb550b-ta 42lb550t-ta
    42lb550y-ta 42lb5510-tc 42lb551t-tc 42lb551b-tc 42lb551d-tc 42lb552r-tb 42lb552r-tc 42lb551y-tc 42lb551z-tc 42lb559y-tc
    42lb559z-tc 49lb5500-ta 49lb550z-ta 49lb550d-ta 49lb550b-ta 49lb550t-ta 49lb550y-ta 49lb5510-tc 49lb551t-tc 49lb551b-tc
    49lb551d-tc 49lb552r-tb 49lb552r-tc 49lb551y-tc 49lb551z-tc 49lb559y-tc 49lb559z-tc 55lb5500-ta 55lb550z-ta 55lb550d-ta
    55lb550b-ta 55lb550t-ta 55lb550y-ta 55lb5510-tc 55lb551t-tc 55lb551b-tc 55lb551d-tc 55lb552r-tb 55lb552r-tc 55lb551y-tc
    55lb551z-tc 55lb559y-tc 55lb559z-tc
    Note: If your model number is not listed above or your original remote is different from this remote, please email us to confirm suitability.