AKB72914004 Replacement Remote for LG TV 32LD650 42LD650 47LD650 55LD650 52LD550

  • Details:
    Replacement Model:AKB72914004
    Brand: Generic.
    Condition: Brand new.
    No programming or setup required, easy and simple to operate.
    Perfect replacement for lost or broken remote control.
    30 days money back guarantee & 12 months warranty from manufacturing defects. Accept return and exchange in warranty period.
    Compatibe with following TV models:
    sub AKB72914208 AKB72914207
    32LD4 32LD7 32LD8 32LE4 32LE5 32LE7 37LD4 37LD6 37LD8 37LE4 37LE5 37LE7 42LD4 42LD6
    42LD7 42LD8 42LE4 42LE5 42LE7 42LE8 42LX6 47LD6 47LD7 47LE5 47LE7 47LE8 47LX6 47LX9
    50PK5 50PK7 50PK9 50PX9 55LD6 55LE5 55LE7 55LE8 55LX9 60PK5 60PK7 60PK9 60PX9 Series
    32LD480-ZB 32LD490-ZB 32LD6 32LD650 32LD650N-ZC 32LD650-ZC 32LD651N-ZB 32LD651-ZB
    32LD680-ZC 32LD681-ZB 32LD690-ZB 32LD691-ZB 32LD750N-ZA 32LD750-ZA 32LD751N-ZB
    32LD751-ZB 32LD752-ZD 32LD780-ZA 32LD781-ZB 32LD790-ZA 32LD791-ZB 32LD840N-ZA
    32LD840-ZA 32LD880-ZA 32LD890-ZA 32LE4800-ZB 32LE4900 32LE4900-ZB 32LE5500 32LE5500-ZA
    32LE550N-ZA 32LE5510 32LE5510-ZB 32LE551N-ZB 32LE5800-ZA 32LE5810-ZB 32LE5900 32LE5900-ZA
    32LE5910-ZB 32LE7500 32LE7500-ZA 32LE750N-ZA 32LE7510-ZB 32LE751N-ZB 32LE7800-ZA 32LE7810-ZB
    32LE7900-ZA 32LE7910-ZB 37LD480-ZB 37LD490 37LD490-ZB 37LD650 37LD650N-ZC 37LD650-ZC
    37LD651N-ZB 37LD651-ZB 37LD680-ZC 37LD681-ZB 37LD690-ZB 37LD691-ZB 37LD840N-ZA 37LD840-ZA
    37LD880-ZA 37LD890-ZA 37LE4800-ZB 37LE4900 37LE4900-ZB 37LE5500 37LE5500-ZA 37LE550N-ZA
    37LE5510 37LE5510-ZB 37LE551N-ZB 37LE5800-ZA 37LE5810-ZB 37LE5900 37LE5900-ZA 37LE5910-ZB
    37LE7500 37LE7500-ZA 37LE750N-ZA 37LE7510-ZB 37LE751N-ZB 37LE7800-ZA 37LE7810-ZB 37LE7900
    37LE7900-ZA 37LE7910-ZB 42LD480-ZB 42LD490 42LD490-ZB 42LD650 42LD650N-ZC 42LD650-ZC
    42LD651N-ZB 42LD651-ZB 42LD680-ZC 42LD681-ZB 42LD690 42LD690-ZB 42LD691-ZB 42LD750N-ZA
    42LD750-ZA 42LD751N-ZB 42LD751-ZB 42LD752-ZD 42LD780-ZA 42LD781-ZB 42LD790-ZA 42LD791-ZB
    42LD840N-ZA 42LD840-ZA 42LD880-ZA 42LD890-ZA 42LE4800-ZB 42LE4900 42LE4900-ZB 42LE5500
    42LE5500-ZA 42LE550N-ZA 42LE5510 42LE5510-ZB 42LE551N-ZB 42LE5800-ZA 42LE5810-ZB 42LE5900
    42LE5900-ZA 42LE5910-ZB 42LE7300 42LE7300-ZA 42LE730N-ZA 42LE7380-ZA 42LE7390-ZA 42LE7500
    42LE7500-ZA 42LE750N-ZA 42LE7510-ZB 42LE751N-ZB 42LE7800-ZA 42LE7810-ZB 42LE7900 42LE7900-ZA
    42LE7910-ZB 42LE8500 42LE8500-ZA 42LE850N-ZA 42LE8510-ZB 42LE851N-ZB 42LE8800-ZA 42LE8810-ZB
    42LE8900 42LE8900-ZA 42LE8910-ZB 42LX6500-ZD 42LX650N-ZD 42LX6800-ZD 42LX6900 42LX6900-ZD
    46LD550 47LD650 47LD650N-ZC 47LD650-ZC 47LD651N-ZB 47LD651-ZB 47LD680-ZC 47LD681-ZB 47LD690-ZB
    47LD691-ZB 47LD750N-ZA 47LD750-ZA 47LD751N-ZB 47LD751-ZB 47LD752-ZD 47LD780-ZA 47LD781-ZB 47LD790
    47LD790-ZA 47LD791-ZB 47LE5500 47LE5500-ZA 47LE550N-ZA 47LE5510 47LE5510-ZB 47LE5800-ZA 47LE5810-ZB
    47LE5900 47LE5900-ZA 47LE5910-ZB 47LE7300-ZA 47LE730N-ZA 47LE7380-ZA 47LE7390-ZA 47LE7500 47LE7500-ZA
    47LE750N-ZA 47LE7510-ZB 47LE751N-ZB 47LE7800-ZA 47LE7810-ZB 47LE7900 47LE7900-ZA 47LE7910-ZB 47LE8500
    47LE8500-ZA 47LE850N-ZA 47LE8510-ZB 47LE851N-ZB 47LE8800-ZA 47LE8810-ZB 47LE8900 47LE8900-ZA
    47LE8910-ZB 47LX6500-ZD 47LX650N-ZD 47LX6800-ZD 47LX6900 47LX6900-ZD 47LX9800-ZA 50PK590-ZE
    50PK760N-ZC 50PK760-ZC 50PK780-ZC 50PK790-ZC 50PK950 50PK950N 50PK950N-ZA 50PK950-ZA 50PK960-ZA
    50PK980 50PK980-ZA 50PK990-ZA 50PX950N-ZA 50PX960-ZA 50PX980-ZA 50PX990 50PX990-ZA 51N-ZB
    52LD550 52LD560 55LD650 55LD650N-ZC 55LD650-ZC 55LD651N-ZB 55LD651-ZB 55LD680-ZC 55LD681-ZB
    55LD690-ZB 55LD691-ZB 55LE5500 55LE5500-ZA 55LE550N-ZA 55LE5510 55LE5510-ZB 55LE551N-ZB
    55LE5800-ZA 55LE5810-ZB 55LE5900 55LE5900-ZA 55LE5910-ZB 55LE7500 55LE7500-ZA 55LE750N-ZA
    55LE7510-ZB 55LE751N-ZB 55LE7800-ZA 55LE7810-ZB 55LE7900 55LE7900-ZA 55LE7910-ZB 55LE8500
    55LE8500-ZA 55LE850N-ZA 55LE8510-ZB 55LE851N-ZB 55LE8800-ZA 55LE8810-ZB 55LE8900 55LE8900-ZA
    55LE8910-ZB 55LX9800-ZA 60PK590-ZE 60PK760N-ZC 60PK760-ZC 60PK780-ZC 60PK790-ZC 60PK950
    60PK950N 60PK950N-ZA 60PK950-ZA 60PK960-ZA 60PK980-ZA 60PK990-ZA 60PX960 60PX990 60PX950N-ZA
    60PX960-ZA 60PX980-ZA 60PX990-ZA
    Note: If your model number is not listed above or your original remote is different from this remote, please email us to confirm suitability.