AN-MR22GA AKB76039901 IR Remote Control Replacement for LG TV Rokuten TV

  • Details:
    Replacement Model:AN-MR22GA AKB76039901.
    Brand: Generic.
    Condition: Brand new.
    APP key : NETFLX Prmvide video Disney+ Rokuten TV alexa.
    No programming or setup required, easy and simple to operate.
    Perfect replacement for lost or broken remote control.
    30 days money back guarantee & 12 months warranty from manufacturing defects. Accept return and exchange in warranty period.
    Note: This is an Infrared Remote Control without magic mouse and voice function.
    This Remote Control fit for Below Knowing Models:
    OLED Models: Z1, G1, C1, B1, A1.
    QNED - 993, 963, 913.
    NanoCell - NANO75, NANO80, NANO85, NANO86, NANO 88, NANO9+.
    4K UHD - UP75, UP76, UP77, UP80.
    43NANO75, 43NANO756PA, 43NANO776PA, 43UP70003LA, 43UP70006LA, 43UP70009LA, 43UP74006LB, 43UP74009LB, 43UP75006LF, 43UP77003LB, 43UP77006LB, 43UP77009LB, 43UP77506LA, 43UP78003LB, 43UP78006LB, 43UP78009LB, 43UP80003LA, 43UP80006LA, 43UP80006LA, 43UP80009LA, 43UP81003LA, 43UP81006LA, 43UP81009LA, 50NANO75, 50NANO756PA, 50NANO776PA, 50NANO806PA, 50NANO856PA, 50NANO866PA, 50UP70003LA, 50UP70006LA, 50UP70009LA, 50UP74006LB, 50UP74009LB, 50UP75006LF, 50UP77003LB, 50UP77006LB, 50UP77009LB, 50UP77506LA, 50UP78003LB, 50UP78006LB, 50UP78009LB, 50UP80003LA, 50UP80006LA, 50UP80006LA, 50UP80009LA, 50UP81003LA, 50UP81006LA, 50UP81009LA, 55NANO75, 55NANO756PA, 55NANO776PA, 55NANO806PA, 55NANO856PA, 55NANO866PA, 55NANO906PB, 55NANO926PB, 55NANO956PA, 55NANO966PA, 55UP70003LA, 55UP70006LA, 55UP70009LA, 55UP74006LB, 55UP74009LB, 55UP75006LF, 55UP77003LB, 55UP77006LB, 55UP77009LB, 55UP77506LA, 55UP78003LB, 55UP78006LB, 55UP78009LB, 55UP80003LA, 55UP80006LA, 55UP80009LA, 55UP81003LA, 55UP81006LA, 55UP81009LA, 60UP73003LB, 60UP73009LB, 60UP77006LB, 60UP77506LA, 60UP80003LA, 60UP80006LA, 60UP80006LA, 60UP80009LA, 65NANO75, 65NANO756PA, 65NANO856PA, 65NANO866PA, 65NANO906PB, 65NANO926PB, 65NANO956PA, 65NANO966PA, 65QNED90, 65QNED99, 65UP70003LA, 65UP70006LA, 65UP70009LA, 65UP74006LB, 65UP74009LB, 65UP77003LB, 65UP77006LB, 65UP77009LB, 65UP77506LA, 65UP78003LB, 65UP78006LB, 65UP78009LB, 65UP80003LA, 65UP80006LA, 65UP80006LA, 65UP80009LA, 65UP81003LA, 65UP81006LA, 65UP81009LA, 70NANO75, 70UP71003LA, 70UP71009LA, 70UP77003LB, 70UP77006LB, 70UP77009LB, 70UP77506LA, 70UP80003LA, 70UP80009LA, 70UP81003LA, 70UP81006LA, 70UP81009LA, 75NANO75, 75NANO856PA, 75NANO926PB, 75NANO966PA, 75QNED90, 75QNED99, 75UP74006LB, 75UP74009LB, 75UP77003LB, 75UP77006LB, 75UP77009LB, 75UP77506LA, 75UP78003LB, 75UP78006LB, 75UP78009LB, 75UP80003LA, 75UP80006LA, 75UP80009LA, 75UP81003LA, 75UP81006LA, 75UP81009LA, 82UP80003LA, 82UP80006LA, 82UP80009LA, 82UP81006LA, 86NANO75, 86NANO926PB, 86QNED90, 86QNED99, 86UP80003LA, 86UP80006LA, 86UP80009LA, 86UP81006LA, OLED48A1RLA, OLED48C1RLA, OLED55A1RLA, OLED55B1RLA, OLED55C1RLA, OLED55G1RLA, OLED65A1RLA, OLED65B1RLA, OLED65C11LB, OLED65C12LA, OLED65C14LB, OLED65C14LB, OLED65C15LA, OLED65C16LA, OLED65C17LB, OLED65C1RLA, OLED65G1RLA, OLED77C1RLA, OLED77G1RLA, OLED83C1RLA.
    Note: If your model number is not listed above or your original remote is different from this remote, please email us to confirm suitability.