AKB73016017 Replacement Remote for LG Air Conditioner LW7012HR

  • AKB73016017 Replacement Remote for LG Air Conditioner LW7012HR LP1014WNR LW5014

    Replacement Model:AKB73016017 
    Brand: Generic.
    Condition: Brand new.
    No programming or setup required, easy and simple to operate.
    Perfect replacement for lost or broken remote control.
    30 days money back guarantee & 12 months warranty from manufacturing defects. Accept return and exchange in warranty period.
    Compatible with following Air Conditioner Models:
    LW1012ER LW1212ER LW6012ER LW8011ER LW8012ER LT103HNR LT123HNR LW6014ER LW7012HR LP1014WNR
    LW5014 LW2514ER LW1214HR LW1814ER LW7014HR LW1512ERS LW1812ERS LP1414GXR LP0813WNR LW1214ER
    LW1815ER LW8014ER LW1014ER LW6015ER LW1215ER LW6016R LP0814WNR LW8015ER LW1015ER LW1016ER
    LW1216HR LW1816HR LW2416HR LT1034HNR LT1234HNR LW1515ER LW2515ER LW1514ER LT1035HNR LT1235HNR
    LW1216ER LW1013ER LW8013ER LW1010ER LW1011ER LW1210ER LW8010ER LW8015HR LW8016R LWHD1006R
    LWHD1209R LWHD1500ER LWHD1000CR LWHD1200FR LB8000ER LW8000ER LB8000R GL6000ER HBLG8003R
    HBLG1003R L1006RY6 HBLG8003R LW8000ER HBLG1003R LB8000ER LWHD1006R L1006R LWHD1006RY6 HBLG1004R
    HBLG8004RA4 HBLG8004R HBLG8004RB4 L8004RY4 M1004R M8004R M8004RY4 CL8000ER L8004R L1004R LC6000
    LC8000 LC6000Y4 LC8000Y4 LC1000Y4 LC1200Y4 LEA0610ACL LEA0810ACL LEA1010ACLY3 LC1000Y3 LEA1210ACL
    LC1200Y3LV080CE LV100CE LV120CE HBLG1000CY3 HBLG1004C 
    Note: If your model number is not listed above or your original remote is different from this remote, please email us to confirm suitability.